Best Selling Kitchen Tools

FUKURŌ provide a wide variety of kitchen gadgets and tools, catering to serve various task and user preferences. Among our best-selling culinary tools is the Fukuro Y Peeler, also referred to as the "speed peeler" due to its shape resembling the letter Y. The blade is made of ceramic, and the ergonomic handle allows for effortless gliding over the surface of fruits and vegetables. With this peeler, you can create thin, even strips of vegetables or hard cheeses, ideal for salads or garnishes.

Multipurpose Kitchen Gadget

Another popular kitchen gadget is the Fukurō Multipurpose Can Opener, crafted with a high-quality stainless steel blade and lever that applies pressure to the can. It can be used to open cans of various sizes and doubles as a bottle opener, making it a multipurpose kitchen tool. It is especially helpful for individuals with limited strength or mobility.

Affordable Cooking Tools

In addition to these kitchen supplies, Fukurō manufactures and distributes a diverse collection of cooking tools, including shredders, plate grippers, rice scoops, and food tongs, all designed with ease of use in mind. We are committed to keeping our prices affordable without compromising on product quality or modern design.

Culinary Tools Series