Fukurō Malaysia started in 2011 with the simple objective of importing kitchenware, cooking utensils, cookware, and economically priced household products so that we can sell them to Malaysians from all walks of life.

As we progressed, we realized that we could enhance the value of our products by incorporating modern needs. As users of our household products, we understand the importance of high-quality products at reasonable prices. However, it is often challenging to find premium household items at affordable prices, especially from foreign suppliers, particularly those of western legacies. Our empathy for this frustration led us to believe that there is a significant demand for quality household products at reasonable prices among the population.

Fukurō is born.



Fukurō is inspired by the dedication of Japanese brands to always prioritize product quality. Japan's remarkable recovery from World War II and emergence as one of the world's most developed nations within just 15 years was largely due to their uncompromising focus on delivering epitome quality. However, the high cost of Japanese kitchenware has made it difficult for many Malaysians to afford them, despite their admirable quality.


In 2019, Fukurō shifted the focus to sourcing mainly kitchenware-related products for our flagship brand. By partnering with highly competent factories around the world, Fukurō aimed to deliver Japanese-like quality at affordable prices. This guiding principle has been applied to all subsequent kitchen utensils, cookware, and tableware products launched in Malaysia. From the development of a few basic kitchenware products to the comprehensive range offered today, Fukurō's passion for the Japanese spirit of quality remains relentless.

We currently distribute an extensive selection of kitchenware and cookware made from various materials, such as non-stick cookware, stainless steel cutleries, knives, cutting accessories, cooking utensils, and prosilicone cooking utensils. Additionally, we serve as a primary distributor of kitchen gadgets and home cleaning products to retail outlets, grocery stores, and hypermarkets throughout Malaysia.

Today, Fukurō not only offers functional products but also delivers fantastic quality that looks charming in modern kitchens. As renowned chef Thomas Keller once said, "a recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe." By using high-quality yet affordable cooking utensils from Fukurō, you can take a step closer to bringing soul to your culinary creations!